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Throwback: Little Sahara Sand Dunes

I met Liz while working at Ann Taylor in SLC. Just to give you an idea of our personalities: I am pretty chill. She is full of energy. Long story short, she made me adore the heck out of her because she wouldn't give up on breaking my walls down. Soon enough we were good friends who talked about how opposite we were and just laughed and laughed about it. She was soon-to-be engaged so we started planning photo shoots. I first took their engagements in Layton where we hiked a million miles up a trail that lead to a waterfall. Apparently we didn't know how far the waterfall was, so we only went about halfway because we were dying of heat and I was getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. BUT the pictures turned out amazing. They are a dream to'll see why.

Months later we drove a few hours to the sand dunes and took the most beautiful photos. Everything was perfection--her dress, the cute couple, the lighting, the weather, everything! On our way out there it was pouring rain.....uh oh, we thought. But Liz, being the positive person she is kept telling us they will turn out beautiful no matter what weather we get. It was a little rainy, windy and overcast...but it added so much emotion to the photos. I couldn't have asked for a better shoot. Hope you enjoy the outcome! xo

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