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Adalyn + Graham - Intimate Mountain Ceremony - Logan, UT

Utah mountaintops are quite the location for an intimate Fall ceremony.

Adalyn + Graham eloped at the beginning of the year, very close to the location they had their wedding celebration. The elopement was amazing. Since they eloped with only a few close friends, they wanted to celebrate with their families later in the year. I didn't know how they would top their elopement, but they did! The mountaintop ceremony was to die for.

They rented a cabin called The Eagle's Roost (just up Logan Canyon) where they housed a lot of the guests and had their ceremony and reception. The decorations had burnt orange accents, along with the bridesmaids dresses which were all vibrant shaded of orange. It was stunning! And just wait until you see the photos. We found a couple nice spots for bridal party photos and bridal photos before the ceremony and I am struck.

Hope you enjoy!



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