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Alexis + Houston - Destin, Florida Beach Elopement - Paige McKenzi Photography

Destin, Florida is quite the backdrop for a last-minute elopement.

Alexis + Houston texted me and asked if I'd be available to fly to Florida with them in 2 weeks to photograph their elopement. I couldn't say no! Not only was it an opportunity of a lifetime, but I absolutely love this couple and would travel anywhere for them! They are my good friends and the most amazing people you'll ever meet. I was ecstatic to be invited to be apart of their big day.

So on the evening of April 13th, I flew to Destin where we all stayed in an Airbnb--just Lex, Houston, the videographer (Erik) and myself. The next morning we ran a few last minute errands like getting flowers, then let the couple get ready for their ceremony. As they were in their undies, we snapped some shots of them together. I absolutely loved these photos for two reasons: One, Lex is pregnant, so this was a perfect way to show them having an intimate moment with the babe. And two, it was a little hot and steamy sesh for the couple to enjoy together before the more posed, serious photos.

Next, before the rain came down, we took photos of each getting into their wedding attire, and a few of Lex around the property of the Airbnb, which was incredible! They wanted to have a first look before the ceremony, so we kept them separated until it was time to walk " down the isle " , which was a wide-open, vacant beach for them.

The rain was coming down. The beach was silent. Houston was patiently waiting for his bride to come tell him to turn around. Lex walked elegantly down the wet boardwalk where she met her groom. We captured their reactions and followed them down the stairs to the beach where they met the Priest who married them.

The ceremony was beautiful! We even had a few spectators watching from their porch. They clapped and cheered once they kissed as man and wife. Everything was absolutely perfect in my books, and I think the couple agrees with me on that. You can see the photos and judge for yourself :)



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