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Alexis + Houston - Little Sahara Sand Dunes Romantic Sunset Photoshoot - Paige McKenzi Photography

The Little Sahara Sand Dunes make the perfect backdrop for a romantic couples shoot.

These photos will have you swooning! We got a mix of sunny, desert vibes and romantic, low-light vibes. Both were amazing. Safe to say I won't be getting over these anytime soon. Scroll down to read the epic story of how we ended up at the locations, how we ran into the problems we ran into and see all the pretty pictures!

We were so excited to get to the dunes. Except we didn't actually get to the real sand dunes. We arrived to the road that heads straight to the visitor center and entrance of the sand dunes, but ended up finding that it was closed and fenced off due to Covid-19. We drove to the side of the dunes to go that back way, but that was closed, too. Just our luck. We drove 2 hours for this?

So we drive around the campgrounds around the dunes and find this interesting rock formation at the top of hill and decided it was a beautiful place to shoot. It was a couple hours before sunset, which means the light was amazing, so we were excited to get some shots there for a minute.

After that location we decided we had to get to the sand dunes no matter what it took. We find an entrance that has fencing all around it, get the four-wheeler out, and book it to the dunes. Halfway there, THE FOUR-WHEELER DIES. You've got to be kidding. . .

So we stayed where we were and made the most of it. The lighting was so romantic, Alexis had on a gorgeous black silk dress that fit the vibe perfectly, and there was a lone tree in this desert field that was begging for us to shoot there.

Long story short:

We ran into all the problems possible, laughed for 3 straight hours and got the most amazing photos ever. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


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