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Be Mine, Valentine - Rooftop Couple Anniversary Session - Paige McKenzi Photography

Romantic anniversary Valentine's bridal shoot on the rooftops of Salt Lake City.

All you need is a pretty dress, a rooftop and a flash for a creative shoot. Dakota, Skye and I suffered the freezing cold evening in Downtown SLC, Utah to get these shots. We just wanted something romantic, sexy and fun. The dress was our first piece of inspiration and the rest unfolded from there.

A lot of people don't like to shoot when the sun has just gone down and it's getting dark. I loved trying this out because it gave such a different mood than the lighting right before sunset. We used some flash once the sun was practically down and had some fun with it.

Hope you enjoy!

Models: Skye + Dakota Hansen

Dress: BHLDN

Location: Downtown SLC, rooftop

Jacket: Express

Photography: Me :)

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