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Brittany + Cade Wedding - Mount Timp Temple Sealing + Capitol Reception - Paige McKenzi Photography

Just your classic Utah black tie affair wedding.

Could not get classier than this folks. Brittany + Cade made the most out of their Utah wedding when plans had to change from their original plan in D.C., which they didn't do because the D.C. temple is being renovated at the moment. So instead they were sealed in the Mount Timp temple and had a beautiful, hoppin' reception at Utah's state capitol building.

It was all unreal honestly. Every part was perfectly thought out, but still very enjoyable and fun. They had the wildest reception ever with lots of dancing! They even made a grand exit down the front stairs and left in a fancy Lambo!

Also, if you didn't see their bridals in D.C. then click here for the art museum and here for the Lincoln Memorial. You won't want to miss these. They are epic! And I would say they made up for them not being able to get married there.




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