Broken. but Beautiful - Paige McKenzi Photography

May just so happens to be Mental Health Awareness month.

Kami has suffered from unanswered health problems almost her whole life: weight loss, anxiety, depression and all the emotion that comes with those things. She reached out to me a few weeks ago, explained her story to me and asked me if I'd photograph her to convey the emotions, hopefulness and pain.

We came up with the idea of using flowers and Bandaids.

Hope and pain.

Pain and hope.

We hung a white sheet in my living room and began taking the photos of her and the places she felt most vulnerable. Her collarbones, where she felt she lost the most weight from an unknown chronic illness. Her arm where she had self-harmed because of anxiety and depression. Her eyes that have cried a thousand tears through all the trials. BUT, we stuck flowers on with Bandaids to show that there is beauty in the pain and suffering.

You can read more about her story in her own words here.