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Dublin Ireland Elopement Inspo - Julieta + LJ - Paige McKenzi Photography

Dublin is the rainiest urban backdrop you could ask for an elopement.

I fell in love with Dublin's energetic atmosphere, old architecture and rainy weather! What a great spot for photos. I think people go there to drink with their buddies, but I highly recommend eloping in this beautiful city. They have amazing backdrops and cool places to stay and visit for the honeymoon.

LJ + Julieta, local models in Ireland, made my rainy Irish photoshoot dreams come true and I will be forever grateful! Not only do I have these amazing photos to show off, but I had a blast getting to know them and now we are good friends. We walked around near the Dublin city hall, castle and surrounding areas. It was amazing! And the RAIN. Holy smokes I fell in love with this shoot because of the rain. Just made it that much better.

Hope you enjoy!



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