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Elise + Kyle - Persian Ceremony - Draper, UT - Paige McKenzi Photography

This traditional Persian ceremony was full of tears, smiles and so much love.

This was the first of 4 wedding events for Elise and Kyle and was the night before their wedding day. Kyle is Persian and talked Elise into celebrating with a traditional Persian ceremony in Elise's backyard. The guys built a long, low table where the guests knelt down on a plush, velvet mat while they ate dinner and enjoyed the ceremony. The food was incredible. The centerpiece down the table was extravagant. The ceremony was beautiful.

I don't know much about Persian culture, but it seemed to be surrounded by symbols and family. The women, friends and family, came up and ground sugar over their heads. Elise and Kyle sucked honey from each other's pinkies. And they each read vows to each other and put their rings on their own finger. After the ceremony, the family showered them with gifts such as jewelry and gold chocolate coins. They ended the night dancing with all their friends and family, surrounded by laughter and love!

Enjoy the photos!


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