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Itzy + Myles - Artistic Studio Elopement - East Coast - Paige McKenzi Photography

Artistic, East Coast-inspired studio elopements.

We made every detail count for this shoot. And when I say " we ", I mean myself (Paige), Elise (model/stylist not pictured) + Morgan (florist), who teamed up to create this shoot for our Spring 2021 Content Day. This was one of many shoots, but I had to start here because it's so not "Utah" and more East Coast vibes.

We used white candles of all sizes + clay Greek head planters filled with greenery to create what would normally be an archway or backdrop. The groom looked so put together! And the bride looked stunning in the Canadian & For Love gown. They were topped off with organic vow books, handmade by Anthology Print.

Honestly breathtaking.



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