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Kaylee + Raul - Utah Meadow Picnic Maternity Session - Paige McKenzi Photography

Nostalgia: white dress, mama + her unborn babe, golden meadow grass.

Maternity sessions are some of my favorites because it's such a serene, sacred moment to capture. It's a different kind of love, between mom and baby. One that no one else will really ever understand. I had the pleasure of making this nostalgic-inspired picnic photo shoot come to life for Kaylee. I was ecstatic about it, too! When she reached out and showed me inspo shots I was hooked. It was just my kind of vibe.

We hiked up a short little trail in Provo Canyon to this meadow that I was drooling over when we reached it. It was perfect for what she wanted! She brought a white blanket, a basket and vibrant orange flowers. They brought their dog so the whole family could be involved! And to top it off, she had the most gorgeous white dress from Anthropologie. We ended up getting a little mix of everything: classic shots with and without her husband, Raul, movement shots and some good ole blurry ones just for fun.

I always love when the husband wants to be involved for two reasons. One, it adds variety to the session. And two, it's so important to capture those intimate moments with the couple because it's their first baby and they won't ever be able to have this moment in time again. Safe to say I loved how they all turned out!

Enjoy them as much as I do :)

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