Lakeside Engagements |Lex + Jordan

I highly recommend taking a walk with these two. They are the sweetest, funniest couple ever. I might be biased because they are my good friends, but that's besides the point. They wanted an engagement session that was outdoors, soft lighting and beautiful views. We found this hidden gem by Utah Lake and couldn't get enough. There was a romantic walkway and a beautiful field of tall grass that had lake and mountain views! UGH. I was dying. AND the couple was gorgeous, too. I got too lucky with this one.

Scroll down to see the beautiful lake and a pretty red dress (both dresses are from Bohme)! Also, if you ever plan to go to Utah Lake in the summer, don't. There are way too many bugs. We got lucky because this was earlier in the season, but usually the bugs eat you alive. I found that out when I took another couple here for maternity photos. We learned the hard way.


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