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Manti, UT |Lex + Jordan Wedding

Oh good heavens.

Lex + Jordan were made for each other. You could see through their big smiles their entire wedding day that they were supposed to find each other and be together for eternity. They are both hilarious, sassy and so kind. Lex is one of my best friends, so I'm a little biased when I say she was such a beautiful bride. I swear her dress and long brown hair were from a fairytale storybook.

Their venue was a beautiful clubhouse in Woodland Hills and had the view of a lifetime. There were fawns and mama deer roaming around only hundreds of feet away from the party, rain clouds surrounding the mountains and a stunning rainbow filling the sky! The cake was a simply decorated, two-tiered cake that they cut and didn't shove in each other's faces. ;) Seriously everything turned out so beautiful, especially the confetti-filled send off! Vendors listed below.

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