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Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple Wedding: Mandi + Michael - Paige McKenzi Photography

Days before temples around the world were closed due to COVID-19.

Originally, this sealing was supposed to take place in May. Buuuuuut, things in the world have been shaken up a bit because of this coronavirus is effecting ever aspect of our normal lives. Luckily for Mandi and Michael, they had changed their sealing date before they knew this news, making them able to still be sealed.

A few weeks ago, Mandi reached out asking if I was available the NEXT week because they were moving their wedding up a couple months due to all the craziness! I was available and ready for it! Hah! Then, just a week later we got the news that temples around the world are completely closed. What a blessing for them that they could be sealed before all this happened!

Enjoy the photos!

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