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Natalia + Devin First Look - SLC, UT - Paige McKenzi Photography

Modern city bridals in the Avenues of Salt Lake City.

Devin + Natalia are the epiphany of classic beauty - inside and out. Their first look/bridal session was taken in the Avenues of Salt Lake City at a private residence. The home was vintage, classic and white, which we fell in love with the look and knew we had to shoot there. It perfectly complimented her 70s-inspired gown from Restoration Bridal and her ethereal look. She has a close resemblance to Idina Menzel, who is also very beautiful.

Devin looked so snazzy in his Zara suit. His choice on no-show socks was the right one, as he pulled it off very well. And his reaction to his new bride was so sweet. These two have known each other since they were kids, so I can only imagine the feelings he had when he finally saw her in her dress.

The whole shoot is at the top of my favorite's list for many reasons. It was altogether so unique. The couple is absolutely stunning. The location was spot on. The lighting couldn't have been better. Everything fell together perfectly. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have enjoyed taking and editing them.



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