North Idaho Wedding - Eastern Washington First Look - Bailey + Michael - Paige McKenzi Photography

Pacific Northwest. Queen Anne neckline. Pure emotion.

I am a sucker for the PNW. I grew up visiting the forests of Oregon and Washington, and I actually moved up to Northern Idaho (practically Eastern WA) for my first year of college because I loved it so much. I love any chance I have to go back, and this wedding was the perfect excuse.

Enjoy looking through Bailey + Michael's first look session in a dreamy forested property in Newport, WA. They gave each other letters to read beforehand, and all the emotion was felt. Tears rolled down Michael's cheeks as he read his letter and when he saw Bailey for the first time in her wedding gown. Before they entered their ceremony, they enjoyed a peaceful moment together in a secluded clearing on a bench.

A couple of my favorite details were her Queen Anne neckline + her stunning, giant bouquet. Everything tied together like a perfect bow.