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Paint Mines Engagements - Margot + Luke - Paige McKenzi Photography

Epic engagements in the Paint Mines of Colorado.

Holy smokes! The class, the colors, the emotion in this shoot! I am completely smitten and overly happy about how these turned out. I literally flew into Denver for the day just for these photos and it was SO worth it.

Margot + Luke (okay, mostly Margot and I was on board) had the idea of shooting at these Paint Mines in the middle-of-nowhere Colorado, just a couple hours outside of Denver. Literally on the drive out there we all laughed and laughed because we were convinced they weren't real. Luke was also doubting us the entire time....until we got there.

But we made it! After we stopped in the little town of Calhan, CO to get a bite to eat at the most run down little pizza place. Charming but run down. Ha! But once we filled our bellies made it to the mines we were in awe. They were absolutely amazing. Literally every turn we took was breathtaking. The colors were obviously spectacular, hence the name.

We ended up getting the most amazing photos, laughing the entire time (who knew I'd be so blessed getting clients who have my same humor?), and we may or may not be best friends now. Luckily we had 4 hours in the car to get to know each other and I think I found my soulmates of clients. How do I get so lucky?!

Can't wait for their beautiful wedding next year in Wyoming. If it's anything like the engagements then I will be writing another blog post and sharing way too many photos.




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