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Retro Studio Engagements - Utah - Paige McKenzi Photography

Just gonna drop these retro engagement vibes right here.

Okay, you have probably noticed I love to mix retro vibes into my modern shoots. It adds a bit of nostalgia and fun to the photos. This particular shoot was one of 4 shoots from our last Content Day where we had 10 photographers come shoot for a few hours and get content for their social media, websites and portfolios, and also to help them feel more creative and possibly getting out of a creative funk.

Kathryn wore an ASOS dress, some retro jewelry, MVMT sunnies and a Olive + Paix panama hat. Talmage wore H&M and his MVMT watch. They are the easiest, prettiest people to shoot! They have fun while modeling which helps everyone feel comfortable and calm, and it makes our jobs way easier. Hope you enjoy the photos! Vendors listed below.



Stylists: Myself (Paige Burton) + Elise Rooney

Models: Kathryn + Talmage

Dress: ASOS

Sunnies + Watch: MVMT

His Shirt + Jacket: H&M

Backdrop: Ultraviolet Backdrops

Studio: Natural Light Studio

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