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Secret Proposal at Great Saltair - Paige McKenzi Photography

What a beautiful surprise proposal at The Great Saltair in Salt Lake City.

We were shooting away from a Bohme photoshoot when Alexis' boyfriend, Houston, shows up to say hello with their cute puppy. We shot for another couple hours, got through all the cute outfits then all of a sudden Houston asks us to snap some photos and record. . . THIS IS HAPPENING. HE'S GOING TO PROPOSE.

Then he grabs her hands and lets the anticipation build. Then after a few minutes he gets on one knee and starts spilling his heart and soul to the love of his life. They were crying. We were crying. Everyone was shedding tears of joy.

Back story: They had been camping the prior few days and just got back that morning. AND the ring came in that morning, so he picked it up and decided that today was the day. He couldn't wait any longer. HOW FREAKING CUTE. I hope you feel the same emotion behind these photos as we all did.


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