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Ski Bum Couples Shoot - Sundance, Utah - Paige McKenzi Photography

Cutie ski bum couples shoot near Provo, UT.

The cutest couple ever, and the coolest, too. I met Elise awhile back on Instagram and have been doing styled shoots with her ever since. We recently started doing Content Days (aka: photo retreats, workshops, and styled shoots) every month and this shoot was from our December 2020 Content Day.

Our goal is to create unique content for other photographers to capture for their own portfolio and social media. We want to help inspire them to be more creative and help them succeed.

We wanted to put a spin snowy photoshoots, so we found some cute ski outfits and some skis! It ended up snowing so hard while we were there but I absolutely LOVED the vibe it brought to the shoot. Hope you enjoy looking through!

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