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Styled Retro 70s Engagements - Hailey + Garrett - Salt Lake City, UT - Paige McKenzi Photography

70s engagements for the win!

This shoot absolutely blew my mind. Just when I think I have a favorite set, I get to work with more amazing creators and then I fall in love all over again. Not only did the overall vision exceed my expectations, but I met the most genuinely talented people putting this shoot together. So many photographers came out and supported us, and we're so grateful. By "we" I mean me and Elise.

If you don't know Elise, you need to. She's my creative partner and I love her so much. We put this content day together with high hopes and glamorous visions, and we made it happen! We couldn't have done it without the support of all the photographers and vendors who participated. We're hoping to put more together so stay tuned!

We put our brains together and found some great vendors and items to make this possibly the coolest shoot ever. The models, Hailey + Garrett, are the coolest on the outside and inside. Seriously so fun to hang with. They found their outfits at a thrift store and did a BOMB job with them. We used jewelry from Bohme, too! The floral arrangement is from a good friend of mine, Susie (we always seemed to work together at weddings without knowing it, then became great friends). The basket was from Home Goods. Backdrop is from Amazon, aka Amazing.

Models: Hailey + Garrett

Jewelry: Bohme

Outfits: Thrift Stores

Rings: Staghead Designs

Backdrop: Amazon


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