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Tiffany + Garret - Couples Road Photoshoot - Paige McKenzi Photography

Such a free-spirited, running-in-the-road kind of session.

Tiffany and Garret were so full of laughs and energy as I asked them to run around in the street near The Great Saltair. Tiff had the two cutest outfits. The first, casual: cognac wide leg denim, white tee and a denim jacket. The second, romantic: a floral midi skirt with a cropped sweater and sandals.

The shoot was so fun, except we were eaten alive by bugs when the breeze died down! Tip: Don't shoot near the Great Salt Lake or Utah Lake in the summer. If you do, go early in the morning when the bugs aren't out yet. I tell myself every year "Don't shoot near the lakes in the summer, Paige". And what do I do every year? I go shoot by the lakes because I love the atmosphere.

Oh, well. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do!


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