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Vibrant Floral Studio Bridals - Studio Elevn, Salt Lake City, Utah - Paige McKenzi Photography

Dried florals, baby's breath + modern bridal vibes in a clean, white studio.

When you find a creative florist, keep her. Make all the amazing magic in a white studio with a beautiful model and incredible gown. Olive and Sage Floral is the amazing florist I am talking about. She literally forages her own dried branches, grass and tumble weeds. She added baby's breath to the dried pieces and I think we all gasped when she was done hanging them from the ceiling alongside a draped roll of chiffon.

For the second half of the shoot, she made a headpiece for the model, Logan, and even matched the florals to her skin tone! If that isn't genius then I don't know what is. She's incredible. Please enjoy the small details that went into this shoot--the earrings, the sleeves, the hair, the bouquet, the install, the headpiece. All of it.



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