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Vintage Car Bridals - Charleston, South Carolina - Paige McKenzi Photography

Elegant vintage car bridals in downtown Charleston, SC.

Wow is an understatement when it comes to this bridal session with the famous Pink Figgy and Charleston's cobblestone streets. Easily one of the most charming backdrops we could have chosen for this shoot. Figgy (the pink vintage car) was a perfect fit for our model, Christie, who wore a beautiful, sleek gown from Elegant Bridals (located in Augusta, GA). All the details complimented each other so beautifully and I'm excited I can finally share the photos with all of you.


Stylists: Break the Mold, Elise Ellison, Paige McKenzi Photography, Alanna Mcardle

Model: Christie Trainer

Location: Ro Sham Beaux Decor, Charleston, SC

Car: The Pink Figgy

Gown: Elegant Bridals




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